Adera stacked townhome

C15 Boat Building JCP Project

Adera Smartwood

Forte by StreetSide

Adera Crest Presentation Centre

BCLC New Horizons conference

Adera Crest - Design

Termper West Vancouver

Tiny Home Cooking

Jet Pet Resort: Dog Purposeful

The Palate Deck crowdfunding video

Cooking with Pasta Boy Peter

Brew Love - Craft Beer documentary

Little Saigon - Yaletown BIA

The Parlour - Yaletown BIA

Urban Thai - Yaletown BIA

House Special - Yaletown BIA

Provence Marinaside - Yaletown BIA

West Oak- Yaletown BIA

Salmon - Hard Rock

Scallops - Hard Rock

La Pentola - Yaletown BIA

Adera - My Story

Vancity Cooks Ep. 1

Vancity Cooks Ep. 2

Vancity Cooks Ep. 3

Vancity Cooks Ep. 4

A Fine Mess - Whiterock

Xoxolat - Yaletown BIA

Pure Maple Water cocktail recipe

Everything Wine

Fino Lino - Kitsilano

Meccanica - Olympic Village

Mercer - East Vancouver

MThree - Coquitlam

Caffe Divano - Coquitlam

Get Fit For Paddling: TRX Warmup Video

Fit For Paddling: Recovery

Get Fit For Paddling: Core Strength

Get Fit For Paddling: Mobility

Burger - Hard Rock

Spin Society - Yaletown

Tap & Barrel Instagram edit

Modified 4x5 Polaroid video

Ensign Pacific social commercial

Release The Hounds website background video

Tomiyama Art Panorama 6x17

Cadence - Richmond

Mid construction update

Instagram :60 spot

Virtuoso by Adera

JetPet Resort website background video

Paintillio at the 2017 Vancouver Dragon Boat Fest

Dragonboat BC Community Paddling Day

Customer Care

1 camera, 1 lens challenge

:15 Instagram spot 1

:15 Instagram spot 2

:15 Instagram spot 3

Shooting with expired film

4x5 film camera

Sons of Vancouver crowdfunding video

Pentax 67 camera review

RTA DBFest 2015 studio VO

Cinecoup Livestream - camera operator

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