But I look like a lawyer - FACL BC

Ancora Dining for The Wellness Show

Tiny Home Cooking

Adera stacked townhome

C15 Boat Building JCP Project

BCLC New Horizons conference

Adera Smartwood

Forte by StreetSide

Adera Crest Presentation Centre

Adera Crest - Design

Termper West Vancouver

Jet Pet Resort: Dog Purposeful

The Palate Deck crowdfunding video

Cooking with Pasta Boy Peter

Brew Love - Craft Beer documentary

Little Saigon - Yaletown BIA

The Parlour - Yaletown BIA

Urban Thai - Yaletown BIA

House Special - Yaletown BIA

Provence Marinaside - Yaletown BIA

West Oak- Yaletown BIA

Salmon - Hard Rock

Scallops - Hard Rock

La Pentola - Yaletown BIA

Adera - My Story

Vancity Cooks Ep. 1

Vancity Cooks Ep. 2

Vancity Cooks Ep. 3

Vancity Cooks Ep. 4

A Fine Mess - Whiterock

Xoxolat - Yaletown BIA

Pure Maple Water cocktail recipe

Everything Wine

Fino Lino - Kitsilano

BC Cranberries

Meccanica - Olympic Village

Mercer - East Vancouver

MThree - Coquitlam

Get Fit For Paddling: TRX Warmup Video

Fit For Paddling: Recovery

Get Fit For Paddling: Core Strength

Get Fit For Paddling: Mobility

Burger - Hard Rock

Spin Society - Yaletown

Caffe Divano - Coquitlam

Tap & Barrel Instagram edit

Ensign Pacific social commercial

Release The Hounds website background video

Tomiyama Art Panorama 6x17

Mid construction update

Instagram :60 spot

Virtuoso by Adera

JetPet Resort website background video

Paintillio at the 2017 Vancouver Dragon Boat Fest

Dragonboat BC Community Paddling Day

Customer Care

1 camera, 1 lens challenge

:15 Instagram spot 1

Shooting with expired film

Pentax 67 camera review

Sons of Vancouver crowdfunding video

:15 Instagram spot 2

Pentax 67 camera review

RTA DBFest 2015 studio VO

:15 Instagram spot 3

Video Projects - Cinecoup launch

Sons of Vancouver Crowdfunding Video #2

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